About Us

We know it when we see it. It seems to be innate in our nature to discover it. It’s refinement sometimes eludes us yet there is comfort in it’s recognition.
So how does one define excellence? At a Minimal level, it is the perfect combination of art and function, of subtlety and expression, of comfort and polish. 
The Minimal essence, never tries to be anything, it just is. 
Minimal is not basic, it is a level where more is irrelevant. It is about making a statement, without saying a word. It is about looking right and feeling right without questioning why. 
The right fit, the right feel, the right …… yeah, that’s it. When it is just right, that is the Minimal life. 
Thus Minimal was born, not as a family of products that say you are not enough unless you are wearing them, but as a family of products that act as a frame to show off the masterpiece that is you. 
Minimal seeks to maximize you, to bring out the excellence that you already have. Minimal isn’t for everyone, but it is for anyone. It is time to ascend to the Minimal level. To let go and be gripped by products that already seem to be a part of you. It has been right in front of you the whole time, you recognized it when you saw it, the Minimal life. It seeks for you to find it.
Let Minimal Beverly Hills, maximize you!